Android: FragmentManagerの警告


W/FragmentManager: moveToState: Fragment state for HogeFragment{77b975f #2 id=0x7f0e0079} not updated inline; expected state 3 found 2


開発者からの解答 (Mar 7, 2016)

Nope, it doesn’t matter and the extra log will be gone in a future release.

For the curious, FragmentManager.moveToState now updates the new fragment state as it goes rather than at the end after all of the state change phases have completed. This fixed several interesting bugs around using the child fragment manager and executePendingTransactions from within one of the parent fragment’s lifecycle callbacks.

One of the state transitions as we’re bringing a fragment up is a no-op that wasn’t getting the state updated inline, and the log you’re seeing is announcing that we did it at the end instead, exactly as we would have prior to 23.2.

Sorry for the extra log noise 🙂




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